Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sax and Pu

In the past week, I’ve acquired a big hunk of brass which has distracted me from my tea writing. This baby can really blow. It’s an old 16m Conn, the student model that Conn was making in the fifties. Lonnie Williams, a brilliant and very fair repair guy down in Columbia City opened the horn up a few years ago, and this baby boy sax resonates like a big man sax because of his good work. I’m gonna bring my alto of identical model down to him to do the same work, opening up the keys and such, as soon as my finances recover from tenor madness.

Anyway, just because I didn’t spend my time writing about a tea doesn’t mean I didn’t drink a hell of a lot of it. And interestingly enough, having the tenor around has correlated to my increased consumption of young puer, especially material from Qian Jia Zhai. The elevated but grounded, almost magnetic feeling energy of QJZ area tea gets in my body and I swear it comes out through this new horn. Maybe that’s merely a fun image, but it sure feels damn good to be stoned on strong puer and rip up and down my new sax.

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